Our Alumni

Pursuing ones purpose stretches beyond the time a student spends at ɫtv.

Our college community values both past and present students. We are blessed and honoured that so many of the young men and women who have graduated from Norwest have gone on to make valuable contributions to society both locally and abroad. 

It is with great pride that we watch our Alumni continue to grow, achieve and overcome challenges, to become confident, capable and compassionate adults. Our current students are always inspired by the stories shared by our alumni as it provides opportunities to reflect and continue to discover their own God given purpose in life.

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I know that my purpose is to impact the world for Christ, by raising passionate disciples of Christ. Norwest was the perfect environment to start me on the journey of discovering what my purpose is. I had opportunities to serve, preach and lead all throughout my schooling experience. Looking back, I felt like a big fish in the Norwest pond. It was the perfect environment for me to grow and discover my God-given purpose.
— Mitchell, Class of 2014